Kryptos is a sculpture located at CIA HQ containing an encrypted message. Three of the four parts have been solved. This group is for people interested in working together to find a solution to Part 4.
Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment for the open exchange of ideas. This can be difficult to achieve when one of the individual goals has always been to be "the one" to crack the cipher. To protect everyone’s individual efforts, and to encourage the free exchange of information, by joining the group you agree to the following:
1. Should the group find a solution to Kryptos, in any announcement of such solution credit will be given to the group in general, with specific mention made of any and all individuals who made a contribution that significantly advanced the work of the group.
2. If, as an individual member of the group, you should find a solution to Kryptos that relies substantially on information obtained from the work of the group, you will allow the group to make the announcement of the solution. The individual responsible for the solution will of course participate in the drafting of that announcement, and will have final approval of that announcement.
3. Obviously, should any member of the group come up with an independent solution to Kryptos that does not employ the work of the group, the above conditions do not apply.
To facilitate achieving the goals and conditions listed above, all participants must furnish their real names and accurate contact information. If, for any reason, you prefer not to have that information publicly available, you may supply it to one of the group administrators by private email. Such information will not be revealed to other group members or the public without your permission.

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